The Brutalist class is a primal force, hailing from an honorable tribal order, embracing strength as their primary weapon. They excel in close-range combat, wielding weapons like massive axes, two-handed swords, and large clubs.

History & Lifestyle

Brutalists prefer a nomadic lifestyle within their tribes. Tribal members are typically limited to individuals born into the tribes, although they occasionally extend membership to outsiders, who’ve battled at the annual Aratta Festival.

Many tribes adhere to a single principle in which to live life and make decisions. These principles vary from group to group, but most follow the principle from the original Brutalist tribe: "If you fight hard enough, anything can be yours." Within these tribes, the strongest and most honorable individuals become leaders or branch out to lead sibling tribes.

Brutalist tribes tend to inhabit the remote corners of the world, such as deserts and mountains, with the Cooked Spine in the southwest region of Basilda’an being their renowned battleground. It's here that all the various tribes congregate annually for the Aratta Festival, a grand occasion to compete and revel in the essence of their way of life. Additionally, this event serves as the primary forum for tribal leaders to discuss important matters of business.


Brutalists are known for their warm yet resolute demeanor when it comes to friends and family. When it comes to battle, retreat is never an option and many Brutalists will fight to the death. 


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Brigands are masters of cunning, dwelling in the shadows and motivated by their personal gain. They possess an insatiable desire to acquire whatever they can, resorting to theft to secure an advantage. Proficient with precision weaponry, such as daggers and crossbows, they also create poisons to assist in any situation. 

History & Lifestyle

Brigands are often outcasts and orphans born into poverty who discover a sense of belonging within their guilds. These groups welcome anyone of any species who seek to join their ranks, making Brigands one of the most diverse classes in Basilda’an.

Most Brigands prefer working in groups, where they share knowledge, techniques, and pilfered goods. These tightly knit communities not only foster a sense of belonging and security but also present collaborative opportunities for more significant tasks. They adhere to their own code of conduct, often including principles like refraining from harming innocents, honoring their commitments, and safeguarding their own kind. Nonetheless, many Brigands choose to ignore these codes and live a life detached from any formal orders.

Brigands typically live in concealed hideouts or safe houses, strategically positioned in remote areas or amid bustling cities, allowing them to vanish or blend into their surroundings with ease. The largest groups are located at the northern and southern extremities of the world. In the north, they occupy The Strand, an inhospitable and barren region void of civilization. In the south, they occupy the tropical islands of Westram and Eastram, known worldwide as Brigand Bay.


Brigands are known for their sharp intellect, versatility, and resourcefulness. Brigands possess a natural affinity for secrecy, often opting for the covert path rather than confronting their enemies head-on. While their activities may be morally ambiguous, Brigands are not always inherently evil. Their motives and allegiances vary from person to person, but the underlying principles of self-preservation and survival remain paramount.


To become a Sayer is to become harmonious with nature. Their power stems from what they call the Sooth—an energy interwoven with the world. They utilize nature-based spells, drop shamanic totems, and call on the spirits of the wild to overcome life’s obstacles. 

History & Lifestyle

The path of becoming a Sayer usually starts with visions or dreams, provoking individuals to embark on personal quests to unlock their dormant magical energy. Sayers have created hidden sanctuaries across the world for rigorous training in spirituality and magic, under the guidance of seasoned elders.

The majority of Sayers dwell in forests, where their power is most potent, but they journey wherever their presence is required. The forests around the world have towering ancient trees, shielded by the forest gods, where they establish settlements at their bases and within the branches.


Sayers avoid starting conflicts but will fiercely defend themselves if a fight is brought to them. With unwavering patience and empathy, they favor listening to the conversations, experiences, and knowledge shared by others. When they choose to contribute, their words carry remarkable weight.


Luthiers are specialists who blend music, magic, and physical prowess to navigate life's daily challenges. With their melodies, they possess the ability to inspire allies, manipulate emotions, and burden enemies. Even in a world brimming with musicians, poets, and scholars, being a Luthier is rare, and most emerge as celebrities in the eyes of Basilda’an.

History & Lifestyle

The Luthier class began with an ancient order known as the Six Strings, a group of musicians who unearthed the hidden connection between music and magic. Across generations, these dedicated individuals underwent extensive training of their mental and physical abilities where they fused the art of music, martial combat, and spell-casting.

Luthiers gravitate towards busy cities, esteemed art academies, and even traveling caravans, where they can share music with the community. However, their presence extends to smaller villages, remote hamlets, and even isolated homesteads.


Luthiers are typically charismatic and expressive individuals, brimming with an overwhelming love for their chosen craft. These individuals favor an affinity for beauty, creativity, and emotional connections, channeling these sentiments through their music and spell-casting. Although charm and creativity are their trademarks, Luthiers are well-versed in combat, usually reinforcing their instruments into deadly weapons.