Deep within the roots of Basilda'an, the Daenan reign supreme as the world's most ancient species, split into two extraordinary factions:


Tall and thin, the Tuldé can be spotted by their grayish skin, adorned by silver and black hair. Possessing rugged and robust physiques, they emanate fierce determination. Their distinctive ears taper towards the ground from the lobes and end with subtle points.


In contrast to the Tuldé, the Atha embrace golden-hued skin, silver-blonde hair, and possess much softer features. Their ears differ with small points at the lobes, while the upper portion points upwards, gracefully terminating at the apex of their heads.

Within the Daenan bloodline, becoming an Atha or Tuldé isn't predetermined by birth but rather shaped by individual development and personality. Resisting the allure of power results in the silvery-gray transformation of the Tuldé, relegating one to the tribal lands. Conversely, those who seek power become gilded, destined for the Athan ranks of the ruling elite in one of Basilda'an's five major cities.

History & Lifestyle

The Daenan are a living relic of a bygone era, one of the pre-Awakening species in the realm of Basilda'an. The two factions of Daenan have endured a timeless feud. The Atha, driven by a relentless pursuit of power, cast down the Tuldé along with the other species of Basilda’an, deeming them unfit to lead their people. Because of the Atha’s actions and the Tuldé’s failure to act against the oppression, the Daenan species are viewed as untrustworthy. However, their
self-perception remains unbothered by the judgement in other peoples’ eyes.

The Tuldé embrace a rustic life on the fringes of Basilda'an, dedicated to the well-being of their own and the protection of their lands. They may appear fierce to outsiders, but radiate warmth and empathy within their close-knit circles. Despite their preference for seclusion, they engage in essential trade with other groups, keeping their interactions brief and to the point.

In contrast, the Atha revel in opulence, residing among the world's wealthiest inhabitants. Following The Grand Revolution, they’ve reinstated themselves in positions of power across Basilda'an's cities, influencing events through financial manipulation and intimidation.

The Daenan life expectancy averages well past a few millennia. Few have succumbed to old age or even shown a trace of it. Instead, they grow more ethereal, aging in a way that defies the bounds of conventional mortality.


The Daenan exhibit a mild temperament, often taking a reactive approach to the situations they encounter. The Tuldé lean towards
a quieter disposition, while the Atha, often come across as more assertive, if not slightly arrogant. They display remarkable strategic intelligence, advanced combat proficiency, and a deep comprehension of the arcane arts. These attributes make them one of the most
well-rounded species of Basilda’an.



These extraordinary beings bear a striking resemblance to the humans of Earth. With hair that varies in hues of black, blonde, gray, red, sage green, and even light purple, they are a living testament to nature's boundless creativity. What sets the Karnals apart from the humans of our world is their astonishing longevity, living for a remarkable 275 years.

Karnals possess a unique blend of skills, from above-average strength and speed honed through their daily toil in the fields,
to a proficiency in the arcane arts. Yet, it's their charm that truly sets them apart, as they rely on the art of diplomacy before
resorting to violence.

History & Lifestyle

The Karnals came to Basilda’an during The Great Awakening. They are incredibly sociable and outgoing people, deeply rooted in family and community ties. They’re widely known as devoted agricultural stewards, responsible for supplying the nearby cities with a wealth of fruits and vegetables. At the start of each season, towns of Karnals across the world will host Harvest Festivals. These are parties to celebrate the passing season, bless the incoming growing season, and simply be with friends and family. People across Basilda’an travel to these festivals to feast, revel in camaraderie, and fill the air with the joyful melodies of song.

Karnals are spread evenly across the regions of Basilda'an, but the greatest gatherings can be found in the capital city, New Daenan, and the farmlands of the Golden Plains. Besides these two places, they primarily settle in the southern continents of Basilda'an, where their land cultivation thrives.


Karnals are inherently warm, kind, and compassionate individuals, displaying both empathy and sympathy for others, often taking the lead in offering a helping hand to those in need. Because of their outgoing and magnetic personalities, people are naturally drawn to them. Nevertheless, like many species across the world, they too grapple with the temptation of greed and power, occasionally resorting to any means necessary to fulfill their desires.


The Cynoce, a bipedal canine species, is comprised of two distinct groups: 

History & Lifestyle

The origins of the Cynoce trace back to The Great Awakening of Basilda'an. Much like many other species during this time, the Cynoce initially kept to themselves but eventually began to integrate with other species. The shared experience of enslavement and then emancipation during the Second Age forged strong bonds between the Karnals and the Cynoce. As a result, they coexist harmoniously, living in unity and peace within each other's company.

Both groups of Cynoce can be found across the continents, but the densest population of Cynoce can be found alongside the Karnals in the city of New Daenan and the farms of the Golden Plains. While many harness their abilities for roles as guards or military personnel, they are adaptable in a variety of professions.


The Cynoce possess a natural skepticism, often exhibiting a defensive posture when encountering new individuals. While initially they might seem reserved, their loyalty runs deep once a genuine connection is established. In truth, their bite may appear worse than their bark, but for those who take the time to truly know them, the Cynoce reveal themselves as one of the most devoted and steadfast species in all of Basilda'an.


Known for their impressive size and strength, Brachios often tower at heights from 6 to 8 feet and display an intimidating muscular physique. They often rely on their physical might to overcome challenging situations, rather than seeking peaceful resolutions through words.


As a unified species, the Cynoce function at their best when operating in packs, where their collective strength and abilities are fully harnessed. However, even as individuals, the Cynoce are not to be underestimated, for their abilities render them a formidable force on
their own.

The Dolios embody swiftness and cunning, standing at heights ranging from 4 to 6 feet and possess a slender build. Because of their smaller stature and heightened agility, they employ in roles such as thievery and assassination.

Both groups display a range of hair lengths, with a shared color palette featuring a variation of black, white, red, brown, blonde, or gray, occasionally with patches and spots of various other hues. They enjoy an average lifespan of 125 years, with some reaching an impressive 160 years. Remarkably, their young reach full size and maturity by 11 years of age.


The Fivelli, a species of bipedal rodents, encompasses all creatures from Earth’s Cricetidae family. They’re among the smaller inhabitants of Basilda'an, typically measuring between 2 to 4 feet in height. These creatures display an array of fur textures, ranging from short to long, with striking black eyes that pierce through their appearance. Their fur exhibits a blend of colors, including black, brown, red, and white. The tallest among the Fivelli often mirror the characteristics of rats, while the shorter Fivelli bear a closer resemblance to hamsters and mice. With lifespans of up to 80 years, they usually reach maturity around 5-10 years of age.

While the Fivelli usually don’t posses much physical strength, they are by no means any less dangerous. Their complex spirituality, deeply intertwined with the world's forests, grants them unique magical abilities to tap into the Sooth, a direct energy connection to the heart of the world.

History & Lifestyle

From a historical perspective, little is documented about the
Fivelli. While speculations suggest their presence dates back to The Great Awakening, they remained hidden until The Grand Revolution, following the fall of the Daenan and the emancipation of the other species.

The Fivelli are a nomadic folk known for their love of traveling, often shifting from one forest to another during the evening hours, a practice they uphold to safeguard the secrecy of their locations. They occasionally depart from the forests to trade their wares with people from across the continent. While their nomadic tendencies take them across Basilda’an, it's most common for them to settle in heavily forested tropical or temperate areas. The forests offer them everything necessary for their existence, from sustenance to clothing. Despite their normal living habits, most Fivelli travel to participate in the Harvest Festivals hosted at the start of each season.


The Fivelli are wise and spiritually attuned, known for having full control over their emotions and urges. Their wisdom is deeply rooted in their devotion to the five forest gods of Basilda’an. They approach interactions with neutrality, neither extending unwarranted trust nor suspicion.